How to Establish a Successful Business


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You need to be satisfied with your decision to become a businessman.

A businessman or entrepreneur has to tackle numerous issues and confront various hurdles to establish a business.

There is a lot written about every great businessman across the world. Every successful businessman has faced innumerable challenges in the start of his career. You can learn a lot from the successful businessmen like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos, Jack Ma and so on.

Here you'll find the distilled wisdom and pearls of business sense of the successful businessman. Following with the strategies, tricks, and tips for achieving great success in your business.

The Strategies, Tactics, and Tips to Establish a Successful Business are.

Be fully sure in your resolution to establish a business and become a businessman. It requires a lot of time, effort and money to establish a business. Therefore, establish a business only when you're damn sure that you want to become a businessman.

Once you've decided to establish a business and become a businessman; give your 100% to your business.

A businessman or entrepreneur needs to understand various risks and rewards involved in establishing a business. Being your own boss in an entrepreneurial venture. You're responsible for everything and to everyone including all stakeholders - customers, employees, suppliers, creditors, government, tax authorities, and so on.

Business Idea.

A businessman or entrepreneur needs to have a solid business idea to establish a successful business. Your business idea could be related to a product, which you can manufacture or sell. It could be a service that you can offer to the customers. It could be an online entrepreneurial venture; a retail store, a factory, or some other venture.

Many people invest in a business opportunity or idea because a relative or friend told that it was a great business. it leads not to success but to failure and disappointment.

Entrepreneurship is nothing but risk-taking, yet jumping into a business or an industry without sufficient knowledge of its fundamentals and ground realities is bound to fail. Never invest your money and establish an entrepreneurial venture on a half-baked idea!

A businessman or entrepreneur should conduct a feasibility study to ascertain the business viability of the idea, before investing hard earned money in that seemingly lucrative business opportunity.

You should undertake sound market research and analysis before launching your business.

Find a Niche.

Find a niche area, product or service, which you can offer to the public on a competitive basis. You should review your background to explore your education, skills, and experiences, which give you a competitive edge over others.

 Find out your core competence and establish a business in which you can capitalize on that core competency. Your education, knowledge, previous experience, and contacts will help you a lot in establishing a business successfully.

A businessman or entrepreneur can do some market research to zero in on a particular niche, in which he or she can succeed not only in establishing a business but also in running his or her business on a long-term basis.

Start small.

Everyone wants a successful business with lots of employees, multiple locations, and offices, huge revenue, etc. However, you have to learn first to walk before you can start running. Therefore, start at small scale, which is suitable to your resources, and then dream big.

Bill Gates started Microsoft in a garage!

Do Your Homework & Analysis.

A businessman will need to study the identified industry in great detail. You should analyze the various aspects of the industry like the present structure of the industry, products, and offerings. Also analyze if there are many firms in the industry, competitive pressure, profit margins, etc.

You can do a PESTLE Analysis pertaining to your chosen industry. It consists of political, economic, social, and technical factors.

A businessman will definitely need to do a detailed Competitor Analysis. When you establish a business and start selling, you'll come face to face with other firms or businesses selling the same product or service. Your competitors will react to your entry in different ways. You should be ready to face the competitors with your well-thought-out strategy. Otherwise, your business may not survive.

A businessman can do SWOT Analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat) for understanding the competitors as well as his or her own business.

Business Plan.

A well-prepared business plan contains basic and most important details about almost every aspect of your business. It provides details about the investment required. It should include how you will raise money to finance your business, operations, sales and marketing, manpower, etc.

A great business plan also does the most important thing - it should detail how your business will make a profit!

Marketing Plan.

Your marketing plan outlines your strategies regarding the sales and marketing of your product or service offering.

Your marketing plan shows how you'll make use of Four Ps viz. The Product, Price, Promotion, and Place.


A businessman will also need to plan how to finance the required capital - by own funds or by borrowing.

You can raise finance from Banks, VCs, Angel Investors, PE Investors, Stock Market, friends or relatives, etc.


A businessman will need a good team with right employees with diversified skill sets, qualifications and education. This will help to tackle different work related to the chosen business.

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A businessman can use freelancers or temporary workforce for cost-cutting.

Legal and Compliance Issues.

A businessman needs to take care of various legal and compliance issues like taxation, accounting requirements, and various other applicable laws.

You'll also require a good and catchy name for your business. You'd need it for trademarks, a domain name for your website, registration with Government Authorities, etc.

You'll need to do necessary registrations and take licenses or permits to establish a business.

A businessman will have to decide the legal structure of the business such as sole business ownership, partnership, LLP, LLC, Plc., Inc., etc.

A businessman will need to comply with labor and employment laws, take employer identification number, etc.

Location and Office.

It's very important to select a right location for your office or business. If your business depends on the foot traffic, you'll need a storefront or good commercial space that is well accessible.

If you'll sell your product or services mainly online, by phone, or through the mail; you should choose a low-cost location.

A grand opening for retail-oriented businesses to attract customers and create a buzz in the area is a great idea.

A businessman will also need to build basic infrastructure, furnishing, amenities, etc. at the business location.

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A businessman must make sure that the day-to-day business operations are carried out effectively and efficiently.

A businessman should take insurance to protect the business as well as the employees and management.

A businessman will also need a business checking account with a good bank to do regular financial transactions and payments.

Online Business & Presence.

A businessman must also have an online presence in one form or the other.

You could have an online presence, such as a website, giving essential information about your business like what you do, what are your offerings, address, contact number, email etc.

You may have a commercial online presence which allows your customer to do transactions on your website including orders and payments, etc.

Nowadays, a businessman will also need a presence on social media to promote the business.

Advertising and Communication.

A businessman will need advertising and publicity on regular basis for promoting the newly established business.

You'll need some special advertising, communications, and publicity on the launch of your business to make your presence felt. You may also give free samples, other freebies, discounts, etc.

A businessman will also need good communication set-up: landline, mobile for the business and employees with group facilities and plans, business and bulk SMS facilities, etc.

Customer Service.

A businessman will invariably provide great customer service to attract customers, particularly to wean away customers from the existing competitors. If yours is a service company, it is much more important.

Your great customer services will help in building a loyal customer base that will provide sustainability to your business.

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