How to Hire an Efficient Employee for Your Business


businessman meetingA businessman may establish a business on his own; and may even run the business single-handedly in the very beginning. But, as soon as the business starts growing, you'll need to hire an employee.

Hiring an employee is a quite an uphill task. You shouldn't hire any person as an employee, who happens to come to your office seeking a job, or meets you in some concert or social gathering.

Instead, you need to have a proper plan to hire an employee, who is the right fit for your business. There are certain things, you should consider and examine while hiring an employee. For example, if it is the first employee you are hiring, then he or she should also show some entrepreneurial enthusiasm. This is essential because the first employee of a small business or a startup has to don many hats just like the founder. He or she can't confine himself or herself to one or the other task or work with a department wise silo based attitude. Your first employee has to tackle any task which is important or urgent.

When the business becomes a little bigger, and you are hiring your second or third employee, you have to look at the team spirit in the prospective hire; and whether his or her skill sets complement the team or not.

Every successful business has invariably had a great team of workers to manage the affairs of the business competently. There is also not a dearth of examples of failed businesses due to an incompetent team of managers and workers.

The top tips mentioned here on would be very useful to you to hire an efficient employee. You can make sure that you get a great and efficient employee or team to run your business by following these tips.

The Top Tips and Guidelines to Hire an Efficient Employee are:

There are many things to consider while hiring an employee. You can hire the employee directly by searching the listing of the job seekers on various relevant websites like;; Craigslist, etc. You can also give a recruitment advertisement in the classified section of your largest local newspaper along with online version. A well-advertised job opening will provide you more candidates to choose from.

You can also take services of a placement agency to help you in hiring.

In both the cases, you will find the under mentioned tips and guidelines to be very useful to you and to judge what to look for in the new hire.

Right Skill Sets:

It's a must that the person you are hiring has the right skill sets. You should have a well-defined job description of the position you are hiring for. Then, you'd match the skill sets of the candidate with the job description, and pick the most suitable job seeker as your employee, prioritizing the various requirements related to your business.

A businessman or businesswoman will need to focus on the must have skills in the job seeker first of all. If you don't see the must have skills in the job seeker, then don't hire even if he or she is ready to work at a lower package or salary.

If you are hiring an accountant, the new hire should have number crunching skills. On the other hand, if you are hiring for a sales position, then the new hire should have good communication and customer facing skills. A smiling face may be an asset for the sales position. Similarly, you can judge for other hiring positions.

You should know that a bad hire can cost you very much. If the new employee is not able to do tasks properly, it may lead to business disruptions and customer dissatisfaction.

A businessman or entrepreneur should identify the most critical aspects of the business and can take a demo of the candidate by making him or her do some of the related tasks. This will ensure that you hire an efficient employee for your business.

Well Experienced:

You need to examine at your end what type of experience you need the new employee to have. If the position you are hiring for is critical for your business success, you should hire only an experienced employee.

If the position is non-critical or you're recruiting a second employee for a department; then you can think of hiring a less experienced person or fresher for the job.

You'll need to weigh the cost and benefits of hiring an experienced or fresher because salary level difference would be substantial between the two types of hires.

It would be much better if businessmen or entrepreneurs keep a balance of experienced employees and the less experienced ones in their business unit if they are hiring in good numbers.

Right Attitude:

Every hire should have a right attitude, particularly matching your business setup.

Some job seekers are more interested in working for the big corporate or MNCs. Such a candidate would not be a right fit for your small business, or may not prove to be an efficient employee in an entrepreneurial setup. BE CAREFUL!

A businessman or businesswoman has to spend a lot of time, effort and money in hiring an employee, and induction and training also cost a lot. If the new hire, doesn't have the right attitude and proves misfit, he or she would leave as soon as they find a better opportunity. In that case, you'll have to hire again. So, it's better that you hire an employee with the right attitude in the first attempt.

You should also judge whether the new hire is mentally prepared for the long term, or just want to pass some time. This you can judge from his or her resume by examining the frequency and periods of job change by the job seeker.

Well Qualified:

You should take care to hire a well-qualified employee. It will depend on the position for which the hiring is taking place.

An accountant position would require a degree/diploma in accounting or a professional qualification like CPA, CMA, ACCA, etc. While, for a sales position, you can hire a simple graduate or someone with a lower education.

An entrepreneur or businessman will need to do balancing between educational qualifications and experience of the various job seeker to hire an employee who would prove to be an effective and efficient employee for the business.

Proper Expertise:

A businessman or businesswoman will need to assess the various types of requirements of the job position being hired for.

Some job positions require an in-depth expertise in a particular area. The requisite expertise would be more critical for such positions than the educational qualifications. For example, the job of a baker.

Efficient Marketer:

You'll find that each job has some element of marketing - it may be internal or external. So, a candidate with some marketing skills and attitude would always prove to be a better employee.

In case of a small business, such employee would prove to be an asset; because, in an entrepreneurial venture, employees often have to do multitasking including customer handling.

Good Communicator:

A businessman or businesswoman need to make sure that the new hire is a good communicator. Proper communication is must in any type of job.

You can check the communication skills on the spot during the job interview itself.

You'd better hire an employee who is well versed with social media; because of social media, online communication, and email, etc. are now very powerful communication tools.

Technology Savvy:

You'll need to take care of the fact that the job seeker is technology savvy.

Nowadays, even mundane types of jobs are using more and more technological equipment and devices. Therefore, the tech-savvy hire will prove to be much more effective and efficient employee for your business.

A tech-savvy employee will also save a lot of time and effort in the business by taking help of technology and gadgets in executing the various tasks.

Customer Oriented:

You should hire an employee who has good customer orientation.

Every business is operating in a competitive environment, and customers are very critical for business success. Therefore, customer orientated employee would be a must to attract customers.

Team Player:

As your business grows and you hire more employees, it becomes necessary that your employees are good team players.

You should hire an employee who is a great team player, as he would be able to gel well with the existing employees and they will act as a compact unit to do business tasks efficiently.

Sound Background:

A businessman or businesswoman needs to make sure that the new hire has a solid and flawless background, and doesn't have any criminal past or any misconduct allegations.

You'll better do the background checking before formally hiring; by talking to his or her former employers, friends, etc.

You should have proper Human Resource Management at your business to induct and manage new hires. Only then your new hires, even the older ones, would prove to be effective and efficient employees for your business.

You should also have appropriate legal framework regarding salaries, benefits, taxes, and other employee related issues. This will ensure hassle free working environment for the employees, and you'd enjoy roaring business success.

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